Yes, it is true!  At age 2 1/2 Daniel has already found a lady to woo, and woo he did!  Daniel turned on all his charm while taking swimming lessons for 2 weeks at the Jenks High School.  His instructor, Carrie, was an OU college student who is getting married in July.  When I told her that Daniel had a crush on her, she said that is good because she had told her mother that she was having second thoughts about her wedding since she had met Daniel!  She said, I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but he’s mine!  How do we know about this crush?  Well, “Carrie” is about the only name Daniel has said.  He likes to say it over and over, and his eyes light up when he does so.  I have to say it is about the cutest thing ever.  We had to do something special for her, so Daniel picked out flowers (orange roses) to give to her on the last day.  It was definitely a hit; what a Romeo I have!  🙂  All the instuctors loved him!