Mike and I are getting ready to go on vacation to the kamp I used to work at for 4 years in college.  Kids Across America is a nonprofit Christian sports camp for inner city kids that is connected to the Kanakuk-Kanakomo Kamps.  Here is link if you are interested: http://www.kidsacrossamerica.org/  There is a guest cabin that overlooks Tablerock Lake with wonderful wooden rocking chairs on the porch that I am looking forward to meditating in.   As I have been preparing to go stroll down amnesia lane with my family, the Lord has been speaking to my heart.  He has been reminding me of all the times I had “plans” that He ended up changing.  Here are some of the examples:

* After working at Kamp for 4 years I felt that the Lord was leading me to teach in the inner city.  When I started applying for jobs in Tulsa, there was an opening at McClain, but I didn’t get the position.  Instead, I was hired at Cascia Hall Preparatory School http://www.casciahall.com/, a very elite school in the historic midtown area of Tulsa.  My first reaction was, “God, are you joking???”.  I learned however that no matter the socioeconomic background, hearts are all the same- depraved and needing an encounter with Jesus!

* I thought I was going to be a pediatric physical therapist specializing in cerebral palsy, but then God showed me that I was supposed to be a teacher (while I was at Kids Across America).  This was a blessing because I was thoroughly dreading a second round of PHYSICS!

* Mike and I bought a wonderful house in South Tulsa with the intent of retiring there.  We loved the house, and it was big and beautiful, but this was not for us.  The Lord lead us to live on one income which led to downsizing the house in a big way and going down to one car and one cell phone.  This has been a real challenge because it is so counter-culture, but we are actually thankful and don’t mind the situation now.  This neighborhood is much better and so friendly, not to mention that we can walk/bike to the library, post office, grocery store, drug store, bank, chiropractor, dentist, pediatrician, restaurants, antique stores, and even Mike’s office!  God works things out better than we can even imagine!

* We spent a lot of time researching immunizations and made the decision not to do them for many reasons.  The main reasons were the possibilty of autism, the chemicals used, too much strain on the immune system with the current vaccination schedule in the US (Japan does a better job with this), and our moral objection of the aborted fetal tissue in some.  For more info on immunizations, look at: http://www.909shot.com/.  Of course there are plenty of other resources; I just like to challenge people to study this situation so that they make an informed decision about immunizations or any prescription medication.  Anyway, back to what I was saying, Mike and I thought we were protecting Daniel, but he ended up with high mercury and lead levels with autistic-like characteristics despite our attempts to keep him perfectly healthy(this is another story for another post).  Though we would never wish this to happen to him, we are learning so much more about natural healing.  God has blessed us with good friends and given us the opportunity to help and challenge others.  Even in this, we say, Blessed be the Name of the Lord!  He can use any trial for our good.

That is the bottom line here.  God is in control in each and every situation!  He takes our plans and tweaks them and leads us on His path- the one that is best for us!  Sometimes (most of the time) this has been a hard thing for me, but it always works out better than I would ever imagine.  His ways truly are not our ways, and I am glad for that.  He always works things out with an eternal perspective in mind rather than our limited one.  Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Of course I have only given a few of the “bigger” examples of my plans that have been changed- there are many more (often every day…).  I would love to hear what other people have learned!  Feel free to comment.  🙂