Since Daniel moved from his highchair to his booster seat at the table a couple of months ago we have been doing some table training with him.  At the beginning it was just that he had to stay there until we told him he could get up.  Then we went to teaching him to say, “May I be excused please?”… “Thank you, mama/dad”.  The other day it hit me that I need to go to the next step with him, so we have added two more tasks when he gets up.  He pushes in his chair and brings his plate to the counter.  He is so proud of himself- I just love the look on his face when he clears his place.  I tried to capture it on film today.  I am constantly learning just how much he can do and how much I need to be working with him and teaching him.  It is a wonderful challenge, and such a rewarding one when you see the fruits of your labor.