Today when I took Daniel back to read a story at nap time he saw his children’s Bible waiting in the chair and shouted enthusiastically, “Bible, Bible, Bible!”  Then he pointed to the picture on the front and said “Jesus!”.  What an exciting moment!  It seems like every day he is understanding and saying more.  Mike and I have realized how much he comprehends even though he can’t verbalize it, and many times we underestimate him due to lack of speech.  God just gives us moments like this to remind us that Daniel is VERY BRIGHT and is learning quickly.  Of course our friends (especially Josh and Maggie) are great at pointing out how good he is doing.  Thank you, Lord!

I have started reading from the Bible each day with Daniel and trying to discuss the story with him, and it is a great time for the two of us.  Afterward we pray about whatever was in that story and how it can apply to Daniel.  Joy Shoemaker, my mentor, gave a talk a couple of weeks ago about Biblical child training.  She suggested teaching children from a young age to have a quiet time- whether you read to them or they look at a picture Bible or are able to read for themselves.  She also talked about praying for the children’s father with them, so this is another thing that we have been doing together lately.  I had been putting off some of these things because I didn’t know if Daniel could “handle” it.  He can!  I am continually learning to walk in faith in my child rearing rather than give in to doubt and negative attitudes.