It’s tooooooooo hot here in Oklahoma.  This is the time of year when I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up in the wonderful autumn season.  I am on a quest for refreshing cold drinks, so here are a couple that are new to my repertoire.  I just made some “dreamsicle water” that my friend, Kacie Swift, told me about last night.  It is simply water with an orange and a vanilla bean!  I cut them both up (well, I just cut the bean down the middle) and tossed them in the GLASS pitcher since we are avoiding plastic.  It smells wonderful, but I won’t try it until dinner.  I am also looking forward to making some Thai rooibos tea; I found the recipe here: on the July 14th post.  I think I will make it without the star anise because I am not a big fan of licorice.  If you have any good drink recipes, please let me know!  Also, I thought I would leave a picture of some delicious parsley quinoa salad that tasted a lot like tabouli.  It is fabulous.  I am really liking quinoa a lot, and I think it is becoming a staple at our house.