Wow!  What a FUN FUN FUN vacation we had!  Mike and I have been wanting to go somewhere, but we weren’t too sure what we could do or where we could go that would actually be enjoyable with a 2 1/2 year old.  I happened to think of Kids Across America, the kamp (yes, it is spelled with a “k” there) I worked at for four years in college, when I was on the computer one day.  I thought I would see if there was a website for it so I could find out what is going on there now.  Of course there is a website, and I had a lot of fun looking at it.  While on there I remembered that there is a guest cabin for donors/visitors, so I decided to check on availability.  Sure enough, there was an opening- what an awesome surprise!  In the past couple of years they have added another guest area that feels like a resort, and I posted the pictures above.  It is a beautiful lodge right on a green belt:

Our door opened up to the pool, sand volleyball court and putting course seen at the top of this post.  It was wonderful to be able to just open the door and feel like it was okay for Daniel to just run free.  We had a blast swimming together each day.  Daniel LOVED the diving board, and even learned to count because we kept saying 1-2-3 to him.  He also got a lot of confidence just swimming around, in fact, he didn’t want me to hold onto him anymore since he feels so comfortable in his swim vest.  I love to see him so independent. 

We had tons of fun, but even better, we got to have a spiritual component to the the trip.  Since this is a Christian camp,  we got to be involved in programs or Bible studies if we wanted to.  Additionally, the fellowship was sweet.  It is great to just meet people and connect with them on a deeper level.  It was neat to run into someone I used to work with there one year, Ray Arechiga.  He is now the director of one of the 3 kamps there, and he is making a huge difference in the lives of so many kids!  Mike got to go to the cross talk- a program that is the most powerful one at kamp where they act out the crucifixion of Jesus.  Next year we will hopefully take Daniel with us to it.

Over all, Daniel did great, and we couldn’t have gone to a better place for our first family vacation!  We ate our meals with the boys, and they get a little loud.  Let me re–phrase that, they get REALLY loud.  There is loud Christian rap music, singing, and often dancing in the middle of the meal (oh, and yelling, too).  I was concerned that Daniel would be upset by it, but he was fascinated.  I couldn’t get a good picture, but here is one where I attempted to get him waving his napkin since the guys were waving stuff around.

One day we left to go pick blueberries at Persimmon Hill Farm.  Daniel wasn’t too excited about picking, and it was really hot, but we had a good time anyway. We got about 3.5 pounds, so we have plenty in the freezer.  All in all, it was an incredible family vacation, and we are looking forward to next year.