We have been truly blessed this year to have Daniel in two sessions at the Little Gym.  Not only has it been a great outlet for his energy, but it has been awesome for helping him learn to follow directions.  My parents paid for the winter session for Daniel as a Christmas present, and I think it has been the best gift ever.  He was in the “beast” class in the winter, and this is more of an open play class for kids who are roughly 1 1/2 to 2 1/2.  They only did a few group things because the kids didn’t focus very well, and the parents had to stay with them.  The summer session has been completely different, though.  Daniel is now a “superbeast”, and there is a whole lot more structure.  The first session or two were really rough because Daniel wasn’t ready to sit still and listen and follow directions.  He has improved so much!  The parents mainly sit on the sidelines now and watch (but I have to stay up and ready to help him if he gets off track). 

This is “shaking the wiggles out”!

The children have to sit by the wall until Miss Tammi calls their name, and then they go stand in a “choo choo train” to walk to the next activity.  It is extremely impressive for Daniel to be able to do this!!!  Yippppppppppeeeeeeeeee!  We had a great morning!