When I planted a garden this year, I included sunflowers (for bouquets), dill (to use the leaves in chicken salad), and cilantro (for a million yummy uses).  Interestingly enough, I got more than I intended out of these plants.  I didn’t think about harvesting the seeds until now, so in addition to what I planned, I will also have sunflower seeds, dill seeds to use in my mom’s great dill bread recipe, and coriander!  What a bargain!

When I was taking a picture of the dill and coriander, I realized I should take a picture of the yogurt I make.  Several people have asked me what method I use, so here it is.  After I add the yogurt culture, stevia and vanilla to the warm, raw (unpasteurized, unhomogenized) milk, I put it in jars with fruit, maple syrup or all-fruit jam and heat it on the dehydrator for 10 hours.  That’s all there is to it!  Yogurt with all the goodness of raw milk the way God gave it to us!

Yes, I was picture happy today.  I thought I would get a photo of Daniel’s lunch.  I think his body is actually telling him what to eat to get rid of the yeast- this past week he has been instinctively rejecting wheat and other products you aren’t supposed to have on the candida cleanse.  Cool!  We’ll all be so glad when we get the candida albicans under control.