Mike and I have been members of the Oklahoma Food Coop for a while now and absolutely LOVE it!  We order what we want (meat, eggs, veggies, some yummy tamales, wheat, etc) directly from Oklahoma producers and then there is a pick-up day once a month.  It is a wonderful thing.  We love being able to read about the practices that each farm uses so we know exactly what we are putting in our bodies.  Today was a special day for the coop.  It is based out of Oklahoma City, so here in Tulsa we don’t get to be as involved in some aspects.  To make up for that, they hosted a “meet and greet” to get to know the producers and sample some fabulous food.  It was great to actually meet the people who give us our food and to sample some things that I have thought about ordering.  Here are some beautiful mushrooms from Mushroom Planet; I like to buy from the owner when I go to the Farmer’s Market.

I cheated today and ate some sugar in this delicious bread pudding from Granny’s Kitchen.  It was definitely worth it even though I can tell my stomach isn’t too happy now.

My dear friend, Shelley is sampling some fajitas.

Kendall, Shelley’s daughter, wasn’t as excited about all this as the rest of us!