About a month ago I got Daniel’s latest lab report back from France, and he is about halfway through his chelation journey!  I have to share specific numbers to make it clear.

Mercury: Normal range is 5-9.  Daniel started at 36 in September of 2007.  In February he dropped a little to 26.  The recent results show that he is now at 17!  

Lead: Normal range is 100-200.  September was 299, then he went to 578.  Now he is at 422!!!!!!!!  At least we are headed down, but not as quickly as the mercury.  I think I have heard that the chelation pulls the mercury more than other metals.

The arsnenic levels are still slightly above normal, but I am not as concerned about that as the mercury and lead.  We know that Daniel is getting a lot better, and that is exciting! 

Yesterday our speech pathologist came over to work with Daniel.  She was also impressed with his improvements.  I asked her if she could be specific about how he was improving, and here is her list:

* He greets people

* He makes eye contact

* He initiates language and social contact

* He uses possessives and plurals in his speech

* He is able to stay in the room and stay social for an extended period

Yipppppppeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I just thought I would share that with anyone out there who is listening!  Thanks for encouraging us in our journey this past year.