What an incredibly fun day Daniel and I have had so far.  The morning started with a nice 30 minute bike ride on what Mike and I call the “Aquarium loop”.  Then Daniel played out front for about an hour while I messed around on the computer.  After that, my friend, Maggie, and her little ones, Sebastian and Isabella, came over to play.  Daniel and Sebastian are about 9 months apart, and they are great friends already.  Daniel wanted me to pray before he took his nap, so my prayer was that he and Sebastian are like David and Jonathan- encouraging and defending each other as they grow up.  Here are some photos of our day:

Isabella wasn’t too happy about sitting in the high chair while the boys were having so much fun.  Daniel tried to cheer her up by climbing up to see her and then playing peek-a-boo.  I think he is definitely ready for a sibling!  🙂

Lunch time… raw sharp cheddar on homemade sourdough bread with some organic strawberries and mangos.  The boys loved it. 

They ESPECIALLY LOVED sitting at their own table together… what a treat.  We are so thankful for the Ming dynasty, as we like to call them.

Later on today we had dinner at Chili’s with some of our other great friends, Travis, Tyler and Hunter Moore. 

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL day!