I thought I would share a little bit about what we eat (well, more like what we don’t eat) since it is something that is a bit of a passion to me.  I have studied and researched for years on how to eat healthily.  I am definitely not an expert, but I have learned a lot. 

Here is a list of things off the top of my head that we do not eat except on rare occasions:

1.  Hydrogenated oils (i.e. trans fats)… It is amazing how many things have them- from margarine to pudding to cake mixes.

2.  Corn syrup!  It is in everything too, and unless it is organic, it is most likely from genetically modified corn.  Not only that but it is awful for you.

3.  Conventionally grown berries or thin skinned fruits and veggies.

4.  Artificial colors

5.  Farm raised fish

6.  White sugar

7.  White flour

8.  Boxed/packaged meals

9.  Pork products (though I have to admit that I like bacon, and sometimes turkey bacon doesn’t do it for me). 

10.  Factory farm raised meat

Sometime soon I will share more of what we DO eat on a regular basis.  🙂