On Thursday nights during the summer there is a concert at beautiful Utica Square.  For those of you not from Tulsa, Utica Square is an expensive outdoor shopping center in midtown.  It is always a treat to go there and do some people watching, so add a concert to that and you have quite the event.  The majority of people who go to these concerts bring little tables (and sometimes tablecloths) to put their wineglasses and wine on.  My favorite scene from last night was a couple that had a very nice tablesetting and wine glasses to go along with their stellar entree of none other than KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN!  Somehow that just didn’t seem to go together in my mind.  I wanted to take a picture of it, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it that would make any sense. 

Okay, back to my story.  Mike and I braved the crowds and sat our chairs out to eat our nice cold dinner of orange walnut salad, tuna and egg salad, terra chips, and gazpacho.  It was the perfect light food since it was hot and muggy.  Daniel wanted to get out of the stroller and roam around, so we let him have at it.  He had a great time going up to people and saying something to them in his own language.  He especially enjoyed the dogs (yes, lots of people bring their dogs to this).  Unfortunately, Daniel has another virus, so he got tired and cranky pretty early.  We headed home about 8:00, but it was a fun evening out!  Here are some of the new friends that Daniel made:

This is Asher, one of Mike’s old co-worker’s son.  They are just a few months apart in age.

Daniel loved this chocolate lab (sorry about the angle on the dog!).  Note that Daniel is holding the man’s hand who owned the dog.  He’s definitely a friendly boy.  Speaking of friendly…

Daniel really enjoyed this lady who was sitting right by us.  He kept going over to her, and she obviously enjoyed him.  It is fun to have a little ray of sunshine for a son.  I am looking forward to taking him to nursing homes, etc as he gets older to love on people. 

By the way, sorry about the quality of the photos. Most of them I had to take really fast, and my camera is not the best.  Hopefully around Christmas I might get a new one (hint, hint Mike).