I think I have mentioned before how much Daniel loves to help me in the kitchen.  Last Saturday he sat on the counter with me to peel, cut and puree bananas into banana pineapple fruit strips and dried bananas.  Then he helped me put a bunch of veggies in the champion juicer (I haven’t used it in ages) to see what we came up with.  Here are some fun photos:

Daniel worked very diligently to put bananas on the dehydrator screen.

Here is the tray of fruit puree going into the dehydrator to become fruit strips.

Daniel was working hard to get all the last of the banana-pineapple puree out of the blender!  He wasn’t as excited about my delicious veggie juice there on the right.  I mixed a ton of cherry tomatoes from the garden, celery, spinach, a small cucumber and a little bit of carrot.  I added a dash of herbamare at the end, and Mike and I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!  It was a busy morning.