It is really neat how God puts people in our paths, especially when it is people you know but haven’t seen in a long time.  Recently Mike spent some time playing at a park in our neighborhood and met 3 great brothers and sisters who had a blast playing with Daniel.  Mike was so excited when he told me about their adventures and how much Daniel loved it.  I had been looking forward to meeting them some time if we ran into them.  Well, to leave out a few details and make a semi-long story short, it turns out that the mom of this great family, Lori, was in Mike’s high school graduating class!  We got to have Lori and her 4 children over last Saturday night and had some sweet fellowship.  Since it was raining off and on we had to grill hamburgers in the garage, and the boys played in the rain a little.  Daniel actually was able to shoot a water gun, so he and Dillon and Brett went at it.  What a great memory.  Here are some photo highlights:

This is my favorite picture!  Dillon (in the red) looks like he is a cop catching Daniel.  Daniel looks like “What did I do?”, and Brett seems to be saying, “too bad, he got you!”.  I love it!!!!!!!!!

There was lots of wrestling at the end!  Mike and Brett were wrestling, but everyone (except Lori and I) got into it… even the 2 year olds seen below!

What an awesome night!  We all had a good time- ESPECIALLY Daniel!