Daniel has been fascinated by the kids who live behind us.  We have a chainlink fence along the back, so he can see them playing on their trampoline or climbing a tree.  There are 3 kids, Michael (5), Brittany (8) and Emma (teenager).  The youngest two really like Daniel and would always come to the fence to talk to him when he was outside at the same time even though he isn’t really able to communicate very well with them.  Brittany especially likes him!  She asked me last week if I would ever let Daniel come over to play with them, and I told her that he is too small now for me to let him go over because he might get hurt.  -Okay, so that was only partly true… I don’t trust many people alone with my son.  I decided after talking to her that I need to be kind and invite them over so that we can keep an eye on them at all times.  Well, Brittany and Michael were thrilled, so they have been over several times in the past week, and Daniel is just as happy as a clam!!!  It is an opportunity for ministry literally in my own back yard since they do not go to church.  I am being nudged outside my comfort zone since I am not that comfortable with elementary aged kids.  Here is a picture of them playing even though it isn’t that great: