I am so thankful that I have some growth out there after the terrible summer!  I think the nutrients are kicking in and adjusting the soil.  This has been a great reminder to me that I have to take better care of my soil if I want good veggies (and fruits).  I have quite a bit of fall veggies coming up, and I am hoping to actually harvest some of them this time! 

A bunch of radishes- which I haven’t eaten since I was a kid.  I just decided to grow them to try something different.  I am definitely on the hunt for recipes because I don’t really have a great desire to just clean them and eat them.  Any suggestions out there???

Swiss chard is up front, and there are some brussell sprouts in the background.  YUM!

The chinese cabbage is extremely happy!   I think I will be giving some away. 

In addition to the pictures, we have some broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lots of different lettuces, carrots and spinach.  Hopefully I will have some good harvest pictures in the next month or so.