Today has been a great family day.  Even though Mike is so busy that he had to bring work home, he was done before lunch.  He and Daniel (and Chaco) had lunch in the clubhouse. 

In the afternoon we went to the “Big Pond Chili Cook off” at Kyle and Laura Shannon’s log cabin in west Tulsa.  They had a one bedroom cabin but have been adding on since they have a daughter now.  Mike has known Kyle for a long time through Young Life, and now he is my orthodontist… I start getting my braces on in just a few weeks! 

This chili was definitely the best presentation there!  You lift the tail and the chili shoots out into your bowl- gross!

This was my favorite chili… it had peach puree and black beans.  I wasn’t sure about trying it, but I loved it.  Then I found out that the lady who made it, Katie Fox, is the wife of one of my old high school friends.  What a small world. 

After some good chili, we headed out to Carmichael’s pumpkin patch- our yearly tradition.  Daniel enjoyed riding in the wheel barrow and exploring.

To top off this wonderful day, Mike took us out to one of our favorite restaurants- Lanna Thai.  Not only is there great food but there is also great music on the weekends.  Daniel really enjoys it!