What I anticipated being a 3 day quick and easy project turned into a 5-6 day tiring one.  I hadn’t posted for a while because it seemed like all I was doing was shifting around all the junk that seemed to have exploded onto the kitchen counters and painting.  We have a very small kitchen, so I was shocked that it has taken this long.  When we moved into the house 3 years ago we intended to paint the kitchen a nice, soothing sage green.  Instead we ended up with a BRIGHT key lime color.  Although it bothered us, it has taken us years to do anything about it.  Well, enough is enough.  We finally got down and dirty.  We had some help from 2 teenagers, Brett and Destanie, the first night, and that made it a little more fun (even though I worked until 1:30AM and Mike ended up working until 3:30)!  We are still recovering from that late night and the subsequent lack of sleep- it’s amazing how long it takes to bounce back when you get older.  Here are some photos.  I’m not sure if you can tell very well on the computer the difference in the two greens (but you can humor me anyway and tell me how GREAT it looks). 


Last but not least, a toast to the final product (now we just have to tackle the living room…ARGH).