What a fun day we had with our minichurch family.  We all met and had lunch at the church and played games.  It is so neat to watch Daniel interact and play with the other kids.  Above he is riding on the trike with Joseph, the next-to-the-youngest Shoemaker.  Here are some other pictures from our day…

Diane Hood and Joy Shoemaker

Rick Shoemaker and Mike

Daniel playing in the sand.

Daniel was sneaky about the chocolate croissant I had gotten (yes, it was a very rare treat).  He figured out a way to open it up and then scoop out the chocolate filling in the middle.  He sure looked cute, though.

Little Isabella Mings and Victoria, the youngest Shoemaker (I can’t believe she is this big).

4 more Shoemakers (I guess I left out Julie Shoemaker in my photo shoot- oops).  Again, I can’t believe how old everyone is.  The reason I mention the Shoemakers so much is that Rick and Joy have mentored Mike and I, and we respect them immensely!!!  They are an amazing, godly, homeschooling family with 7 children.  Our minichurch overall is just full of authentic Christians, and we are so thankful to be in a great group of people where our faith is sharpened.