I thought I would put some random family photos of the week in this post instead of adding to others.  Above is a photo of Daniel, my dad, and I.  We were in a hurry to get to the airport, so we just took the picture in the guest room.  I think it is interesting that we inadvertently added my mom to the shot (her wedding picture is behind my dad). 

Dad, Glendamom and Daniel before the birthday festivities. 

Daniel LOVED to play with granddad Steve… he got him involved in playdough and legos, etc.

The men!!!

When I want to take an important picture, sometimes the munchkin can be a little uncooperative.  Here we wanted to show that he looks like a twin of my dad’s brother, my Uncle Dave.  Unfortunately, you can’t tell as much here because his eyes are all squinty.  I think you can still see how much they look alike!

I absolutely love this picture of Mike’s sister, Julie, and her husband, Jose (the Inkfather) Sanchez. 

Daniel’s cousins, Nadia and Selena Sanchez… aren’t they beautiful?