Jenks, Oklahoma has to be the unofficial gopher capital of the United States!!! It is crazy how many gopher mounds we have in our yard.  Daniel and I decided to try to remedy the situation this afternoon, and I had to catch my awesome helper in action.  Daniel was a hard worker shoveling the dirt into our wagon.  I am so thankful for my great 3 year old boy!

We also had the opportunity to chat with all 4 of our direct neighbors… we sure love this neighborhood.  Here is a shot of Miss Mattie… Daniel really likes her!!!

Here is evidence of how hard we worked- we filled up the entire wagon!  Phew… we’re tired. 

New update:  Here is how much dirt we have collected around the yard (there was NO pile here before I put this dirt on the ground).  The good thing that has come out of this is more DIRT for Daniel to play with!