What a cutie!  I was going to use this picture to show you what Daniel looks like when he is sick, but you can’t see it that well.  His skin on his cheeks and above his lips turns BRIGHT red (like he got a sunburn).  For some reason it is not as clear here as I thought.  So now this picture is to show you his cute smile before he looses a tooth on November 12th.  If you look closely at the top right front tooth you might be able to tell that he chipped it two years ago.  We have been watching it all this time with each 6 month dental check.  I thought we were in the clear, but we found out this morning that it has abscessed!  He has to have it pulled!  How sad.  He will have a silly smile for quite some time, but I am thankful that we are going to the dentist and caught it before it really caused a problem.