He sure doesn’t look too traumatized, does he???  The tooth extraction was extremely quick, and I guess it went well (Mike had to go since I have a problem with needles, blood, etc).  He said that Daniel was too wiggly- anyone surprised???- so they had to put him on a board with straps on it to hold him still.  That would have freaked me out to see (especially because just typing about it brings back awful memories of being TIED DOWN to the bed in the emergency room to get stitches in my little toe when I was little).  -I suppose I’m a little wiggly myself!  Anyway, you never would have known that Daniel had a tooth pulled when he came home.  As soon as he walked in he said, “Chocolate pudding, mama!”  Before he left I told him that he would get chocolate pudding when he got home. 

This leads me to a digression… I knew that store bought chocolate pudding had hydrogenated oil in it, so I thought I would get some Jello chocolate pudding (I was feeling lazy) for this special occasion.  Before I threw the box in the shopping cart I read the ingredients since I am a little compulsive about what we eat.  I was actually surprised (WHY?) that there was hydrogenated oil in the powder, but I was more surprised by the fact that there are artificial colorings in it!  Why does something brown need coloring?????????  Argh.  I put it back on the shelf, disgusted, and headed home to find an easy recipe on the internet.  I found a new blog I like in the process.  Here is the post for the pudding I made (and it was easy and yummy- dark chocolatey):  http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/02/best-chocolate-pudding/ The author of the blog is a great writer and photographer, so you should check it out. 


Alright, back to Daniel.  He is a little trooper.  After he had two bowls of pudding he played with playdough for about an hour!  We have had a great day- who would have expected that?