Now I can finally show you what I made for my family this Christmas.  For my nieces, Nadia and Selena, I made hair clips:


For my parents and Mike’s mom, I made some “blocks” with pictures on them (they are really just a decorative item that you can use as bookends or whatever you want):



I made homemade potpourri (I dried lemons, apple skins and orange peel in the dehydrator and added dried rose petals from the Bulk Herb Store, cloves, and cinnamon sticks) and magnets to give various people.  I have been trying to come up with natural room fresheners to keep from using chemical scents that can be bad for your health and home.  This potpourri is one that you simmer in water on the stove, and it makes the house smell wonderful!  You can also use it several times, so it is frugal AND good for you.  🙂


I bought and then decorated a shepherd’s staff for Mike and made a shepherd’s book to go along with it since he is the shepherd of our little family.  You can see the staff leaning on the sofa below amid all the Christmas wrappings…


I didn’t take a picture, but I also gave glass bottles of basil olive oil to my good friends.  Of course I already posted pictures of all the treats Daniel helped me make to give everyone.  Phew.  That’s all I could handle this year.  Next year I will start earlier (maybe in a couple of weeks!) so that I won’t be so frazzled by the end.  All in all, I think the gifts went over well, and it was really nice to give something meaningful.