KIMCHI!!!!!!!!!!!  I finally made it myself!   Okay, so it may look a little different than most, but it tastes good.  I have always wanted to make it since I love it so much (thanks to Mel and Tara), but I was definitely intimidated.  This was really easy.  I just used the recipe in Nourishing Traditions as a guide, and voila!  It is ready 5 days after fermenting.  YUM.  Here is a picture of it in jars next to my kombucha.


Here is a fun main dish that I used to eat when I was growing up in Wichita, Kansas- Nuways.  Basically it is just some steamed ground beef, onions and spices on a hamburger bun with just mustard.  It may sound strange (especially if you aren’t the biggest mustard fan), but it is really good.  Some day I may post the recipe, but I am in a hurry at the moment.  I served it with some “fries” made from turnips, red potatoes and sweet potatoes that I roasted in the oven in a bit of olive oil.  More YUM!


This last thing is more of  a funny thing I encountered the other day in the kitchen.  I made some chicken and dumplings and left the pan on the counter.  I guess Daniel AND Chaco decided that this meant they could jump in and eat what was left (don’t worry, I don’t allow this normally… I know it is a little gross.  I did throw the rest away).