I have been thinking about comparing menu plans with my friends lately since all of us are feeling a pinch with the economy.  As we all know, eating healthy can get expensive, so it is great to get good ideas from others for some frugal but yummy menu ideas.   I thought I would start posting my menu plans (I will probably do it on Monday in the future), and I was hoping that my good friends who blog… MAGGIE AND HOLLY… will do it too!!!  I just got my new issue of Martha Stewart Food for January (here is a link: https://secure.customersvc.com/servlet/Show?WESPAGE=am/Transactions/Order/ef/order_EF_050508_1C.jsp&MSRSMAG=EF&MSCEKX=EFAD3R1) and it is chock full of yummy recipes that I will be trying to add some variety to my stale list of meals.  I welcome any suggestions!  Oh, one more thing, so far I only plan dinners (Mike mainly takes the leftovers to work), but I really need to start planning breakfast and lunch since Daniel is starting to eat more. 

Friday- Taco salad with blue corn chips

Saturday- Sauteed chicken with tomato relish and spinach (MS food mag), roasted root veggies (turnips, sweet potatoes, red potatoes)

Sunday- Bulgoki (Korean beef), rice,  seaweed and kimchi

Monday- Salmon with escarole and lemon (MS food), homemade beer bread

Tuesday- Split pea soup with ham (I’ve never made this one before), beer bread, salad

Wednesday-  Steak and onion sandwiches (MS food), butternut squash “fries”

Thursday- Tempeh stirfry with teriyaki sauce

Friday- Homemade pizza and salad