I haven’t had much time to write any posts lately because I have been “busy”… though I can’t tell you anything specific I have been doing.  As I went about my extra crazy day today I realized that this is probably normal and why I haven’t had free time lately.  You are welcome to get a first hand look at life in my world!   Usually on Mondays I do laundry (I only did 2 loads today) and a bunch of other catch up things from the weekend.  Daniel helps me or has been entertaining himself recently; I love his creativity lately!  Here is a picture of the breakfast that he made for his dog, Cocoa.


Our first project this morning was to soak some sunflower seeds in salt water to release the phytates.  After 7 or more hours I put them in the dehydrator to dry them out.


We decided to take a break for some blueberry kombucha (well, I did) after the seeds.  I keep trying to get Daniel to drink it, and he finally had a little bit today, so I had to take a picture.  He only drank a little, and he insisted on using one of his medicine droppers, but this was still a big deal to me!  You can see his basket of medicines in the background, and it is REALLY OBVIOUS that Daniel needs a haircut in a big way! 


Next we started a HUGE pot of black beans (about 2 pounds worth).  I had soaked them over night in lemon juice to release the phytates.  All I had to do was drain/rinse them and simmer them for about 5 hours.  I like to add a lot of garlic and some minced onion when I cook them for a flavor boost. 


After the beans are cooked and cooled, I put them in sandwich size ziploc bags in roughly the amount of a can of beans.  Whenever I need a “can” of black beans, I can just substitute my homemade ones.   I made 10 cans worth of black beans for just $2.38!!!  That is definitely a bargain when you consider that the cheapest I have seen a can of organic black beans is 99 cents on sale, and these are much better!   Here is a picture of Chaco posing with the black beans… he loves them!  Whenever I make beans I have to give him a few.  By the way, he has beautiful light blue eyes, but they are huge, and they were red in the photo, and I couldn’t correct them very well, so he looks kinda funny, but don’t laugh please because he really is a handsome cat (love my run-on sentence???). 


After these projects, Daniel and I played around some and then finally got dressed.  We ran out the door to get to his brand new Little Gym class on time.  He is in an hour long sports/gymnastics class called Mini Jacks that is just for 3-4 year old boys.  Each week they focus on a different sport, and this week it is hockey.  I cannot even begin to imagine trying to teach a group of about 13 toddler BOYS how to play hockey (and, yes, they got to use hockey STICKS).  The teachers are fantastic, though, and I was thrilled to see Daniel learning how to hit a beanbag with his hockey stick.  After class I took Daniel to get a haircut even though the freezing rain was starting to come down, and Daniel was so hungry he was starting to turn into a bear.  What a difference a few inches can make!   Here he is happily eating his grilled turkey and cheese after we got home. 


I put Daniel down for a nap after a couple of good stories and songs, and then I got back to work.  Next up on my agenda (after checking in on other people’s blogs :)) was making deviled eggs for the first time in my life.  I have only eaten my mom’s deviled eggs, and I wanted them to be just like hers.  I have no recipe, though, so this will be a process of trial and error.  I did okay, but I added too much salt.  They looked nice, though. 


After the eggs I embarked on a new food journey I have been planning on for a while. 


Today I soaked the corn to use to make corn tortillas.  I will soak it in lime for 9 days before the next step. 


Oh, one more thing we made today was some fermented black bean paste (I guess it will be like bean dip).  Daniel gobbled it up, so it must taste good.  I will wait and see in 3 days, and hopefully this will be another something yummy I can share with the natural mamas.  After all this work you know that I had a TON of dishes to wash.  Here is a final glimpse.  So, that’s my day.  I hope yours was fun too!