Okay, okay, so we didn’t actually have SNOW- we just had ice and frozen rain, but it was still fun for a first sled ride!  Mike took Daniel for a spin out on the open road, and they had a blast.  If we get “snow” again, we will have to go to a hill somewhere. 


Necessity is the mother of invention, right?  Our neighbor kids hopped the fence and played out back with Mike and Daniel with their sled.  I guess they were itching for a hill, too, so they decided to take their sled down our slide!  Mike and Daniel gave it a whirl, and Mike said that it was “exhilarating”!!!



Of course, I had to be the award-winning mom and serve the “boys” homemade hot cocoa when they came in from the cold. 


Now for the clothing/outerwear clean-up!  🙂


Last, but not least, I had to make some chicken noodle soup for dinner. 


I love to toss onion, garlic, celery and carrot in a big pot with some homemade chicken stock, herbs and chicken.  YUM!