It is more like “what isn’t in the fridge?” at my house!   I have to admit that I am not the best at cleaning my refrigerator;  I try to wipe it up every now and again…. well, let’s just not talk about cleaning.   Anyway, a while back I had seen a few blogs talking about what they had in the fridge, so I thought I would share (especially since I have been in a camera-happy mood lately).  This was a spur of the moment decision, so you are getting the real deal- please don’t judge me!   I didn’t move things around or clean lids or take out yucky looking spinach leaves from containers (as you will see).   Without further ado, I HUMBLY present my dear refrigerator:


Here on the top shelf you will see some of the staples of the Shaver home!  From left to right we obviously have the kid-friendly combo of organic peanut butter and jelly.  Then we come to Mike’s kefir (this one is a mixture of blueberry and honey) and some fabulous raw cream that we all love.  Next is the Blue Ice cod liver/butter oil (next time we will get the fermented version) and some Reishi mushroom immune booster for Daniel (behind that are his m-b12 shots). 


I have been sick lately, and cinnamon raisin toast is my comfort food.  Although I don’t enjoy sprouted grain bread nearly as much as “normal” bread, I know that I am being healthy.  There is a bottle of red grape kombucha next to a bag of shredded chicken meat that I used in our chicken noodle soup.  There are two glass bowls at the far right: the bottom one has homemade butter, and the top one has some GOOT (garlic oil ointment) that I made for Daniel when he had a cold last week.  I rub some GOOT on the bottom of his feet several times a day, and it really helps (and I really want to eat his feet because he smells like and Italian restaurant).  In the back I have some lemon and key lime juice.  I don’t use that lemon juice, so I guess I should throw it away!  -I have an organic one in the door that I use to soak beans in as well as other things.  In the very back are jars of homemade sauerkraut and kimchi, and there is a jar of milk that I am going to make into kefir later on.


Here we have my homemade sourdough bread, organic spinach, and lots of baggies!  I keep cut limes for water, red pepper strips for me to munch on, soaked and toasted walnuts (“crispy nuts”) and peeled garlic cloves like this.  There is also another jar of kombucha- this one is pineapple, though.  Can you see that I love kombucha???  Addiction, is more like it!  Next we have a jar of ground flax seed and behind that is a jar of homemade creme fraiche (like sour cream).  In the back of this shelf are several salsas and salad dressings (some homemade, some not). 


We are almost done… are you sad?  Here is the bottom half of the fridge.   The cheese/meat drawer is at the top, and as you might guess, it has cheese and meat in it!  There are mostly raw cheeses (minus the cheese sticks for Mike) and some grass-fed summer sausage hanging out in there.  Below that is some hummus that I actually bought because I had a moment of stupidity.  Daniel asked for hummus, and I didn’t have the stuff to make it, so I wasted money on this packaged one that isn’t that great.  Argh.  Now it is just sitting here, and I am working on a plan to use it.  I also have some tortillas- Daniel and I have been eating a lot of breakfast burritos lately.  I need to start making my own.  Lastly, there is a jar of bacon grease that I use in cooking every now and again.  That jar reminds me that I keep the yogurt I make for Mike out in the garage since we don’t have space in here.  The bacon grease jar is the kind I use for his yogurt.  The final 2 drawers are self-explanatory… mostly organic veggies and the like.  Well, I hope I didn’t bore you to tears.  What’s in your refrigerator???