I have mentioned creme fraiche before on this blog, but I realized that maybe some people don’t know what it is and how EXCEEDINGLY EASY it is to make!  Creme fraiche is basically a European style sour cream (at least that’s how Nourishing Traditions describes it).   As you can see from the picture above, all you need is yogurt that has live cultures in it and cream (preferably raw, but if you can’t get that, try some pasteurized NOT ultra-pasteurized.  If I don’t use cream from the dairy, I like Promised Land brand because it is from Jersey cows).  All you do is mix 1 tablespoon yogurt or creme fraiche from a previous batch with a pint of cream in a glass jar!  Leave it out on the counter for 24ish hours; mine usually takes more like 30.  When it has thickened up enough, you can put it in the fridge.  That’s all!   I don’t eat sour cream, so I have never tried it, but Mike and Daniel love it.  I asked Mike to describe it, and he said that it is creamier and richer than sour cream.  You can put it on top of soups or use it like sour cream.  You can also add honey to it and serve it on dessert.  Try it, you will probably like it!