(One of Daniel’s original breakfast dishes: biscuit with coconut oil, almond butter, and strawberries)

I finally did it!  I planned breakfast and lunch for the week in addition to dinner!  We’ll see how it goes.  Just like I often don’t list what veggie goes with our dinner, I also don’t list the fresh fruits we eat because it depends on what we have. It took me a while to get my menu on today because we had to take Daniel to the emergency room yesterday.  He had been sick for a few days, and as we were walking out the door to church we decided that we ought to go to the hospital instead.  I am so glad we did!  Daniel was dehydrated and his CO2 was really low, so they gave him a bunch of fluids.  The doctor originally wanted to admit him to the hospital for 24 hours but changed his mind later because they were too full.  We were glad to go home- it is hard to keep an active 3 year old boy still in a room in a hospital connected to an IV!!!  I have to brag about my son, though.  He was a TROOPER!  He stayed still while they put the IV in him and didn’t cry at all.  He really was a very good patient overall!   The only time he got upset was AFTER they took the IV out… he said that the band-aid hurt him; what a silly guy.  Okay, enough rambling.  On to my menu:


Breakfast- soaked pancakes,  Lunch-cheese and crackers,  Dinner- salmon, quinoa, sauteed spinach, strawberries and whipped cream


Breakfast- Giant breakfast cookie,  Lunch-homemade chicken fingers,  Dinner- Church leadership meeting


Breakfast-  Breakfast Burritos,  Lunch- PB&J,  Dinner- minestrone soup, salad, rolls?


Breakfast- Egg on toast,  Lunch- grilled cheese,  Dinner- Beef & cabbage stirfry with udon noodles, edamame


Breakfast- Biscuit w/peanut butter,  Lunch- sandwich,  Dinner- marmalade chicken, mashed potatoes, salad


Breakfast- probably bacon and eggs,  Lunch- smoothies,  Dinner- The Moore’s over for Korean night (bulgoki, rice, seaweed, kimchi)


Breakfast- whatever we put our hands on, Lunch- homemade pizza, Dinner- sloppy joes, pickles, chips & queso (Mike’s youth group is coming over)