Wowee zowee!!!  Can I just say that last week’s menu plan that included breakfast and lunch ROCKED MY WORLD!!!  I am thankful I have overcome my planning rebelliousness because my life was sooooooo great last week in the kitchen.  I absolutely LOVED grabbing things out of the freezer the night before or getting lunches ready early so that our schedule flowed smoother.  It was especially nice coming home from Little Gym on Wednesday with a very hungry boy (hockey again) and just grabbing the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I had made that morning to give to him!  I have decided that Wednesday is definitely PB&J day from now on.  So, without further ado, here is the plan for the week (minus Valentine’s Day’s breakfast and lunch because I need to come up with something fun and special in the shape of hearts for my two loves):


Breakfast- soaked mini homemade multigrain waffles with homemade blueberry syrup and whipped cream.  Lunch- hamburger patties, cheese, blue corn chips.  Dinner- black bean soup, soaked cornbread muffins, salad


Breakfast- Waffles.  Lunch- Turkey on flat bread with hummus (something along those lines).  Dinner- Mike and Daniel take Mike’s dad to dinner (I have a knitting class from 6-8 for the next month, so I will probably do smoothies).


Breakfast- Breakfast burritos.  Lunch- PB&J.  Dinner- Church


Breakfast- Biscuit with peanut butter.  Lunch- Turkey something or other and fruit.  Dinner- Roast chicken, kale, roasted root veggies


Breakfast- Breakfast burrito.  Lunch- Fish and fruit.  Dinner- Mexican rice and beans (using leftover chicken and homemade chicken stock). 


Breakfast and Lunch- ???   Dinner- Minichurch night


Breakfast- whatever we can grab.  Lunch- homemade pizza.  Dinner- Ribeye steaks, grilled onions, garlic mashed potatoes, some wonderful chocolate dessert (this is our Valentine’s Day dinner)