As many of you know, I started making some corn tortillas from scratch a few of weeks ago.  -All I did was put some corn in water and lime to soak on the counter.  Last week I finally rinsed and drained the corn, and then I processed it in the food processor to make the masa.  I only made one tortilla to see what I thought and froze the rest of the dough to make them fresh when needed.  I followed the instructions I found on the blog called Cheeseslave (note that there are 3 posts for the directions): http://www.cheeseslave.com/2008/08/03/homemade-corn-tortillas-part-one/

So, what is the verdict?  For the most part I was happy with them.  My main problem is that I like salt, and there was none added.  After tasting the lone tortilla that I made,  I added some salt to the rest of the masa.  It was quite yummy, though, with a little Archer Farms organic chipotle salsa from Target (one of my favorites lately).  The processing part was more labor intensive than I expected… I thought I would just throw the corn in the machine and let it do its thing, but that didn’t happen.  I had to keep stopping the machine and pushing the corn back down to get it to process.  I also think that my dough was too wet, so I will probably add a little organic cornmeal in when I make another batch.  I had to separate the corn into about 5 batches, so it took a long time (well, it was probably about an hour) just to make the masa.  This is not terrible, but I am warning you to block out some time if you choose to make them.  Overall, I am thrilled that I have a soaked corn tortilla, but I don’t know if I will share them with anyone (just kidding)!