I have given away several SCOBY’s to people to start making kombucha and I always have to point them to a bunch of different sites for directions, pictures, etc.  I am finally getting organized since I am about to pass another off to my good friend, Joanna.   I took lots of photos on Sunday when I made my last batch, so here is a quick run-through.  If you are looking for more information about kombucha, there are plenty of sites that tell you how wonderful it is, so you can just google it.  I basically follow the directions on this site, so I will just make some references to where I differ: http://www.laurelfarms.com/about_laurel_farms_kombucha_tea.htm

I use only organic teas and have never had mold!  I would rather take that chance than brew a pesticide tea. 


This is what the SCOBY (some say “mushroom”) looks like when you take it out of the jar:


Sometimes when you separate the 2 SCOBY’s they rip, but that’s okay.  Since I am so nice, I am giving Joanna the pretty one and am keeping the ripped one. 


I double the amount in the Laurel Farms recipe, so I have to let it cool for about 3 hours.

I brew mine 13 days because I don’t like it too sweet.   The first time you make it, you might test it at 9 days or so and see what you think.  The longer it brews the more tangy it is.

I put mine in individual bottles with fruit on the bottom, and then I leave them on the counter for another 3-5 days before refrigerating them.  This helps them get fizzier. 



 ENJOY!  If this is not clear, please let me know.