Here is the beef tallow that I bought already prepared from the Oklahoma Food Coop, and it was super-sized for free :)!  One of the producers renders the beef fat from Rowdy Stickhorse (a producer that has grass fed beef) to use in their kitchen and they also sell it.  I also bought beef fat from Rowdy Stickhorse to make my own, but I wish I hadn’t.  This was so easy to use, and it only cost $3.75.   The smell isn’t my favorite, but it doesn’t have a flavor (or at least not one that was bad).  Unfortunately the fan on our range hood was broken, so by the time I finished cooking the house was smoky and smelled like a diner.  Oh well, I’ll wait until it is fixed before doing something like this again.


Here is the prep for making the rings.  I followed the directions I found on a great blog about a month or two ago called “How to Cook Like Your Grandmother”:  http://blog.cooklikeyourgrandmother.com/2008/04/how-to-make-onion-rings-from-scratch.html.  This is a fabulous blog with all sorts of down-home cooking.  I signed up for the free online course, and you can too if you hurry up!  


I obviously didn’t do the best job of following the directions- I had too much batter on them and I didn’t quite cook them long enough.  Here was my favorite part:


These beautiful scraps reminded us of salty funnel cakes!  YUM YUM YUM!!!  They made me want to try making some doughnuts or something in beef tallow. 


We still though thought our diner meal came out great.  I even made some homemade applesauce for dessert. 


We had a lot of extra onion rings that I did not want to waste.  What’s a girl to do???


I threw them in the oven the next day and baked them longer to get them crispy.  Then I chopped them up to use instead of french fried onions (which I never buy anyway because they are so bad for you).  Green bean casserole here we come!