Yes, this is another blurry action shot of Daniel.  I love it, though, because he was playing piano and singing in his microphone!  Have I said that he loves music?  Yesterday when he was eating dinner he told me that he was going to play violin and Sebastian would play the drums- I guess they will be starting a band soon.  Later he changed his mind about the violin and said he would play the horn and then the bassoon… it will be interesting to see what he does end up playing!  I’ve never met anyone who plays the bassoon.

Okay, I’m going to get on topic now.  I had a phone consult with Dr. Prociuk, the doctor in Pennsylvania who is overseeing Daniel’s mercury chelation.  I am so thankful to have such an awesome, knowledgeable doctor to talk to!  Now that we feel like Daniel’s chelation and speech are getting on track, Mike and I are ready to hit the next big problem area for him, his gut.  We know that he has yeast issues, but I have not been very diligent (other than giving him Candex) in doing anything about it.  I feel like I can only focus on one thing at a time because I would go nuts if I tried to do too much at once.  His gut problems have seemed to get worse lately, though, so we knew it was time to really tackle this one.  He has finally hit 26 pounds, but we know he is still smaller than he should be even though we are short. 

Here are the new changes/additions to Daniel’s supplement menagerie:  TriEnza from Houston-Enzymes, Dr. Mercola’s probiotic (wow is that thing powerful!), amino acid powder, sulphur 6c (homeopathic formula), and we are going to try using Boiron Sabadil for his allergies instead of claritin.  We are taking him off the Candex (yeast med) for a while to just focus on his gut.  I asked Dr. P if there was a certain diet that I should try putting him on (i.e. BED, GAPS or SCD), but he didn’t think that I should really even consider that right now because he is too limited in what he will eat anyway.  I am so thankful that he understands!!!!!!!!!!   The only thing he really told me to do is to avoid sugar.  Phew.  I can do that!  He said he was okay with honey, and we use that a lot anyway, so I think we will be alright.  I will follow up in a month or two to let him know how this is going and see if we need to tweak anything.  It is nice to feel like I have some direction now and that I don’t have to stress out doing all this research on the computer.  I’ll end with 2 more cute photos of Daniel and his play-doh creations!