Daniel took his teachers flowers for Valentine’s Day.  His main teacher (and speech pathologist) is Sara Anderson, on the right.  The other teacher is Mrs. Megan- whose last name I don’t know.  They are WONDERFUL.   Daniel also wanted to take flowers to the only girl in his class, Sally.  In fact, he INSISTED on giving Sally the pink roses that I was going to put in his teachers bouquets.  He said, “The pink ones are for Sally!”.  Here he is with her flowers:


When he handed them to her, she grabbed them and accidently pulled the heads off a couple of the roses.  Her dad told me that she wanted to take them everywhere that day- even out to dinner!  How cute!


Above are the valentine’s Daniel gave all the boys.


This is Daniel’s Valentine’s Day treat from mom and dad!  I think what he was most excited about, though, was a heart-shaped breakfast cookie!  He had seen it in the freezer weeks before Valentine’s Day and couldn’t wait to have it.


While Daniel enjoyed his breakfast cookie, Mike and I had homemade whole wheat cinnamon rolls- yum (I took a picture before putting on the cream cheese icing so that you can see them).  I used sucanat instead of white sugar mixed with cinnamon in the middle and, of course, LOTS of good butter.