I saw this series of videos all together about a year or two ago.  I had heard of genetically modified foods and knew that they weren’t good, but these videos really show why!!!  I highly encourage you to watch these videos, but if you don’t have time, there is one link below to just see a shortened version.  I will do everything I can to avoid anything produced by Cargill/Monsanto, etc.  By the way, the new stevia “product”, Truvia, is made by them!  It is interesting that the government only allowed stevia to be called a nutritional supplement rather than a sweetener until Coke/Pepsi joined up with Cargill/Monsanto to make their special product Truvia!   I will run the other way!  Who knows what these people have done to the stevia plants that they are using???  It is important in this day and age to research packaged items and see where they come from.  This is why, more and more, we buy things in the most basic form and then make everything from scratch. 

Here is the 10 minute Youtube video that gives an overview. 


Here is the series of videos (about 10 minutes each):