Aren’t they beautiful???  Today Daniel and I drove out to MercyFarm to try out some Jersey cow milk and goat milk.  The owner, Joanne Wilson, took us around to meet the animals.  We really enjoyed our time there, and Daniel got a good look at farm life.  Thanks, Shannon, for telling us about them! 


Here are the goats- they are a breed called LaMancha (yes, the Spanish teacher in me loves this wonderful reminder of Spain and Don Quijote).  As you can see, they have tiny ears that you can’t even see when you look at them head on.  Daniel had a glass of goat milk when we got home, and he seemed to really like it.  That is wonderful because I want to give him some milk that is really good for his gut, and goat milk is some of the best.  The downside is that goat milk is MUCH more expensive.  If this works out, I will probably alternate it with the Jersey milk for him.