Well, I think we are in a major learning process right now, but I actually came up with a plan for the week (not that Daniel will eat much).  I have a feeling that his stomach was getting so painful and gassy that he just stopped eating much; I guess I can’t blame him for that.  Now I just have to win his trust with food that won’t hurt him.  We’ll see how this goes. 


Peanut butter bread, apples, nut milk.  Tuna and brown rice noodles.  Nuways (didn’t have them last week), homemade french fries, salad, tapioca. 


Breakfast burrito (Daniel says he just wants bacon and mayo, but I am going to try to get him to eat some egg too).  Nuways and fruit.  Roast chicken, roasted brussell sprouts, salad. 


GFCF waffles and maple syrup.  PB&J.  Dinner at church. 


GFCF muffins.   Salmon patties and stirfried cabbage.  Mexican chicken and rice. 


Waffle and soft boiled egg.   Chicken in tortillas (Sebastian here?), fruit, PB fudge.   Spaghetti and meatballs, salad. 


Muffins.  Spaghetti and meatballs.  Roast leg of lamb and potatoes, green beans. 


Coffee cake?  Family cookout: burgers and dogs, sweet potato casserole, veggies, GF white cake with lemon curd.   Leftovers.