I talked with Daniel’s doctor in Pennsylvania last Thursday morning as a one month follow-up for the new supplements he is on.  Here is a section of the email that I sent him (as a result he wanted to talk to me on the phone):


* Gut… this is the big one.  He seemed to start out eating more and doing better, but as the month has gone on things have gone downhill.  He does seem to be digesting his food A LOT better (as evidenced in his stools), but he has had a lot of gas lately and still has some occasional stomach pain.  He used to eat cheese, fruit, almond butter, eggs, meat, milk and a few new things, but he won’t eat these things any more!  About the only things he will eat lately are chicken pieces dipped in a homemade honey mustard dressing, carbohydrates (rice crackers, homemade bread, organic blue corn chips), dessert (something with honey like peanut butter cake or peanut butter fudge).  I am really getting worried about him because this reminds me of what I have read about autistic tendencies of only eating a few foods (not that any other behavior worries me).  I am at my wits end as far as what I can get him to eat- I don’t know if I should try to “make him eat” by refusing to give him anything else unless he eats what I give him or if this is a situation where I need to work with him.  I want him to eat the things he used to eat, and it is very upsetting, especially when I work very hard to give him nutrient dense food that will really nourish him.  As you can see, I am desperate for help in this area.  I have been reading a book called Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall and was wondering if you are familiar with it and what you think of it?  As I had mentioned on the phone, I have been wondering if I should try to do a specific diet such as specific carbohydrate or GAPS.  You told me that you thought it would be hard to do anything like that since he is not eating much, but things seem to be out of hand at the moment.  I will say, though, he is still happy and social, so he must be getting something out of all the supplements he is on (maybe especially the amino support powder?). 


After talking to Dr. Prociuk, he told me that he believes that we are finally having yeast die-off, so we are upping his probiotic.  I am so thankful for that because it didn’t seem like the yeast would budge with the old yeast medicine that he was taking previously.  Then he proceeded to tell me that it is time to go to a gluten and casein free diet… words I had hoped to never hear!  -Not that it is the end of the world by any means, but it just means changing EVERYTHING again (and it is much more expensive).  At the moment I am quite overwhelmed, but I know that it will help Daniel with his gut and overall well-being.   Well, it is just another challenge that we have to face, and by God’s grace, we will face it victoriously.  Please pray for me as I try to figure all of this out.  Thanks!