I think we may be starting to get back on track with Daniel’s eating, and I would venture to say that it is because his stomach probably isn’t hurting as much since we are phasing out gluten and casein.  Today, in fact, we had a completely GF/CF day, and he did AWESOME!!!  And I mean that he was great in all areas… eating, speech, potty training, behavior, nap.  Wow.  What a relief.  After all that rambling, here is our rough plan for the week (breakfast has been the hardest lately because he has wanted the least here… sometimes just some homemade banana pineapple fruit strips and almond milk). 


Bacon and soft boiled egg WHITES (he won’t touch the yolk lately).   Turkey, hummus, banana pineapple fruit leather, blue corn chips.  Spinach and tomato baked eggs, leftover sweet potato casserole from Easter, salad. 


Apple and almond butter (I hope).  Asian chicken tenders and raspberries.  Frito chili pie, coconut milk tapioca. 


Eggs?  Peanut butter toast, pretzels, fruit.   Turkey sandwich in a buckwheat honey pita pocket (if it turns out). 


Waffles.   Apples and almond butter.   Taco soup and blue corn chips (coop pick-up night). 


Waffles.  Asian chicken tenders and fruit.  Coconut pineapple chicken with rice, salad. 


???  Leftover Coconut pineapple chicken with rice.   OUT? 


???  Pizza.   Pot roast and veggies. 

I am in the process of trying to come up with some new ways to prepare eggs, so suggestions would be appreciated.   I am also trying to make the pita bread and some raw (“cooked” in the dehydrator) veggie tortillas to try to make things more interesting.   I think I will be turning to using my dehydrator more than using GF/CF mixes because:  I can soak things to remove phytates and improve mineral content, I can incorporate vegetables that are still raw since they are cooked at a low heat (thus keeping important enzymes), it seems easier and healthier (and cheaper) in a lot of ways.  I’ll share some of the things I’m making IF they turn out.   🙂