Well, I am still stuck on breakfast!  I found an awesome recipe for almond flour pancakes at Elana’s Pantry (http://www.elanaspantry.com/pancakes/) that I thought Daniel would try this morning since he used to LOVE “cake cakes”.  No luck.  I decided to make him try one bite so that he could see how wonderful they are, and after sitting for a long time at the table, he bravely put a bit in his mouth… and immediately gagged and threw up!!!!!!!!  Argh.  I think he has a fear of bread products like waffles and pancakes.  I suppose I need to completely give up (haven’t I said that before?).   And, yes, I do feel bad about this whole thing, but I do think he needs to learn to take a bite of new foods.  Oh, one more thing about the pancakes: Mike and I think they are great!   I made them with Bob’s Red Mill almond flour even though she (Elana) doesn’t recommend it, and I used coconut milk and oil to skip the dairy products.  I would suggest trying them out, and I hope if you do that you don’t throw up!   😦   So I am not posting breakfast again (imagine me alternating between hard boiled egg whites and scrambled egg whites). 


Brown rice crackers and peanut butter, strawberries and MAYONAISSE (yes, my son loves my homemade mayo which is very thin).   Roast chicken, roasted asparagus, warm grapefruit and quinoa salad, chocolate pudding (made with hemp milk). 


Turkey, hummus, raspberries, tortilla chips (and steamed broccoli for me).   Mexican rice and beans (check out the yummy recipe here: http://www.cheeseslave.com/2009/01/20/last-minute-mexican-rice-beans/), apple-blackberry crisp and homemade coconut icecream. 


PB crackers, fruit.  Minestrone soup and Asian cabbage slaw.  


Turkey, hummus, fruit.   Marinated flank steak, Asian slaw, roasted potatoes. 


Chicken fingers with honey mustard.   Taco salad. 


Taco salad.  Glendamom’s salmon, cranberry almond pilaf,  some other veggie. 


Lunch at church picnic.  Pizza and salad.