Here is the hummus man!!!  Daniel has always loved hummus (this picture is from Fall ’07).  I have had a few people ask how I make my hummus, so here is a GENERAL rundown.  I started out with a recipe but eventually threw it out and improvised.  Hummus is something we pretty much always have in the fridge because it is a good, quick protein that we all like.  Sorry it is not extremely specific.



  • This is very approximate… I don’t measure anything!
  • I make a big pot of chickpeas (more than a pound- probably between 3-4 cups), and then I freeze them in quart bags so that I can make hummus easily.  –Just pull them out, defrost, and mix.  You can get the dry chickpeas in the bulk section at Whole Foods.  This is much cheaper AND healthier than buying cans of chickpeas to use.
  • I get the tahini (ground sesame seeds) in a jar like peanut butter with the nut butters at Whole Foods or you can get some with the middle eastern/Jewish food at Reasors and I think at Target.
  • You can mix other veggies in like roasted red peppers.  I am going to try adding some pureed cauliflower in my next batch to try to give Daniel veggies.  I want to try a green veggie or something else- we’ll see.

Basic Chickpeas:

Dried chickpeas

Warm filtered water

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Cover chickpeas with warm water by a few inches (they really expand).  Stir in lemon juice and leave in a warm spot for 24 hours.  Drain, rinse.  Transfer to a pot, add water to cover and bring to a boil.  Skim.  Cover and simmer for about 6 hours or until chickpeas are very tender.  Drain.

Now for the hummus…

In a blender or food processor (the blender seemed to make it smoother) add:

A few cups chickpeas

½-1 cup water

½ -1 cup olive oil

2-4 tablespoons lemon juice


Minced garlic (I use a ton)

¼ –  1/3 jar tahini

Dash of cayenne if you so desire

Mix, taste and adjust.  This usually takes me a bit to get it just right.  ENJOY!