I guess Mother’s Day weekend has made me a little lazy this week!  I just finished menu planning this morning… at least I did it!  We have a ton of lettuce in the garden, so we will most likely be eating lettuce every day (I have gotten hooked on tossing in fresh herbs that are ready such as cilantro, parsley, dill and oregano- yum).  Daniel is finally eating a little more in the morning (i.e. peanut butter and crackers, and fruit).  Maybe we are slowly coming out of this slump.  Still, I am not going to plan breakfast this week, but I think I will next week.  By the way, I did this post on Word since our internet and power weren’t working.  Now that I have copied and pasted it, it looks funky in places and I am too tired to fix it.  Please excuse me! 


Roast beef, mayo, apples, and pretzels.  Beef stroganoff (IF our power turns back on in time), salad, berries and a “cream sauce” for Daniel made out of either macadamia or pine nuts from my new raw cook book. 


Beef and noodles, fruit.   Roast chicken, brussell sprouts, salad, Indian onion flatbread.


Turkey and hummus.  Salad with chicken, baked potatoes, key lime pie (Mike’s mom over to celebrate Mother’s Day a tad late)


Turkey and hummus.   Taco night! 


Tacos.  Pot roast, broccoli salad.


Roast and fruit.  Pizza and salad.