Wow!  I feel like I was living in a cave (or a closet) for the past 2 weeks!  It is amazing how dependent on technology I am.  I mostly missed checking email recently, but having a somewhat clean house has also been something that has not been possible.  Our house remodeling has taken way longer than we expected, but it is all worth it in the end.  I will share some changes we have been making lately (well, not Mike and I, but Terry Tyler, our awesome worker-  a high school contemporary of Mike’s).  We are not done yet, but I see the finish line on the horizon.  Please keep in mind when looking at these pictures that this is still quite a work in progress!!!!!!!  We haven’t gotten pictures on the walls yet or switch plates on, etc.  Nevertheless, here is your peek:


Before… I didn’t take this picture quite soon enough, so you are missing the BOARDS that used to be our “moulding” and the textured walls which were the same ugly white as the popcorn ceiling (he had already started mudding at this point).


After!  What a difference!  Terry had to put 3 layers of mud on the walls to get rid of the texture.  Now we have a nice, smooth ceiling to go with it.  Here is another view:


Here is another corner of the room:



In this picture you can see that the front hall (to the left) has not been worked on yet.  That will begin on Monday- same colors as the living room, so I will update later.  We have also replaced all the trim in the hall/door area to the right because it was looking worn.  Here are some interesting pictures showing the work process:


Mr. Tyler is Daniel’s hero!  He is great with him and lets him help out when he can. 


Daniel has been having more fun with the house being a mess than I have.  Here he is using a pole as a microphone while playing the piano. 


Yep, Daniel got his first motorcycle ride last week and LOVED it! 


Born to be wild!!!!!!


All this work can wear a person out.  This is Brett Tyler, Terry’s son, who has been helping out some.  Chaco was kind enough to share the chair and a purr with him. 

That’s all for now.  You can see more later.  I’m tired now!