This is the dog that we are planning on getting for Daniel.  His current name is “Spud”, but it won’t be if/when we adopt him.  Spud isn’t quirky enough for me, and it is amazing that he looks like Spud Makenzie (sp?) from the 80’s, but the girl who has him now had no idea who he is.  I can’t walk around with people thinking that I named him after the Budweiser dog!  Argh!  Anyway, we would love ideas on names.  My first thought when I saw him was “Rascal”, but I still think there is a better name out there.  Please post a comment on what name you can see him with!  I should get some good ideas that way. 

How did we come across this wonder dog?  Well, he was taken in by a girl, Niki Baker, that I used to have in my cell group at church… she is now dating a guy from Mike’s old cell group.  They are both in their sophomore year of college, and I happened to mention that I was looking for a dog for Daniel.  Niki LOVES animals and works at the Humane Society.  When she took in Spud, she told us about him (he is a 7 month old mix between a dalmatian and bassett hound), and we have been thinking about it ever since.  Daniel really likes him, and we think he would have a blast with a dog.  Niki said we could even keep him for a trial period and see what we think.  If we don’t want him, she will keep him because he is just great.  If that doesn’t sound like an awesome enough deal, she is training him, too!  He is kennel trained and almost potty trained.  She plays rough with him (and pulls his tail) like a kid would, so he is fabulous with kids, AND he really likes cats.  Could he be more perfect?  We’ll see.  We have to have our back fence replaced and finish work in the house before we can give him a go.  More updates later.  🙂