For the past week, every morning has been filled with Baxter for Daniel.  The above picture is one of the few “clean” times they’ve had together.  Today Daniel decided to try to be a doctor with Baxter, and I happened to catch one photo where the dog wasn’t chewing on the doctor tools.  Usually they are outside playing in the dirt, and I have to hose Baxter down plus change Daniel’s clothes 1-2 times before breakfast!  I can’t complain, though.  Daniel loves having a constant companion (well, he isn’t quite sure about being knocked down occasionally or nawed on).  Here are some other morning photos.



By the way, please ignore the garden that has gotten out of hand and the pile of rotting cucumbers of various varieties that I was too lazy to pick until it was too late.  I am trying to get back on track for a SMALL fall garden.  You CAN pay attention, though, to our nice new back fence that we had put in at long last!  We LOVE it!!!!!!



 After all that play, they are usually worn out… yipppeee.  🙂