It seems like this is one of those times in life where everything is happening all at once.   Of course you know about the house remodeling in the early summer and the new dog we got a couple of weeks ago.  We had to get a back privacy fence put up as well as a new gate since the previous one didn’t latch (not good for keeping kids or dogs in the yard).  We also finally had our water purifier installed- it has been sitting in the garage for the 4 years we have lived at this house because everyone had told us that they couldn’t figure out how to do it.  I also got my top braces put on about a month ago- this has been an adjustment. 

Of course the biggest news (most of you already know this) is that we are finally pregnant again!!!  I say “finally”, but when I look at the situation realistically I know that God’s timing is perfect.  In fact, it is better than perfect, if that can be possible.  I have been free of mercury for over a year now, so my body has had time to recover, Daniel is ALMOST free of mercury… we are hoping that he will be by December (which means less medicine and WAAAAAY less money spent on medicine), Daniel gets more and more fun every day and is at an age where he can understand what is going on and help out.   I probably could go on and on saying why this is the best timing, but I will spare you.  We just could not be more thankful. 

The baby is due February 20th, and I am about 11 weeks along.  I have been really sick for the past month, and this is why I hadn’t posted anything in soooooooooo long.  First I was really nauseous, and then I got asthma and bronchitis.  Needless to say that this has not been the best time physically in my life.  Thankfully, though, I seem to be coming out of it, and I am hoping that the nausea will subside in a few weeks as I hit my second trimester.  We decided to try to have the baby at home with a midwife and a birthing pool.  I am really excited about this since I have been researching it for the past couple of years and had hoped that I could do this despite my previous c-section.  I have my first appointment with my awesome midwife, Ruth, tomorrow, and I can’t wait to feel like this is for real.  I have kind of been holding my breath since I had a miscarriage at about 12 weeks in 2006.  Once I get past this, I think I am going to throw a party.  Please pray for us and the safety of this pregnancy!  Well, that’s all for now.  I’m worn out, and I think it is time for a power nap.